Andy (orpheusny) wrote,

...I don't wanna go....

For those that follow Doctor Who, BBC America has been showing the last of the 'specials', surprisingly not long after they aired originally in the UK. (Of course, I didn't wait for BBCA to air it in order to see it, but that's besides the point)

Anyways... the last two specials in particular were fairly strong. Some explanations of the past; a tease and a taste perhaps more than a full-on 'what really happened', and a really good storyline to go with. Totally didn't see the big reveal coming (and if you say you did, I won't believe you). I liked the proper goodbyes he made (and no, I don't care one bit that he broke his own 'rules' and nipped back to see Rose)... and the music for the regeneration was spot on. Perhaps a bit emo, but then so was he....

Compare with...

Still, after 46+ years, it's still kicking around.... something to look forward to later in the Spring.
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