Andy (orpheusny) wrote,

Oh, hai!

Yea, it's that time again, when I brush off months of dust from the journal... just to report that there isn't really a whole lot new going on.  =P  I'm not even sure if my iPhone app to post still works (I shall investigate).  In the meanwhile, some bulletpoints of an update, since I'm still half-asleep:
  • Work:  There's something to be said for working about 30 hours less, per week, than I did under the Arches and still bringing home about the same amount of coin.  They, of course, are impressed with my work ethic -- I even got a manager's spotlight recognition from one of the WNY banks higher-ups for everything over the past few months.  I have yet to decide what to convert my award into (the $25 Best Buy card does seem shiny)...
  • Home:  The place almost looks brand new, as a slew of cleaning efforts of late make it look hospitable and liveable.  No, it was not bad enough that y'all had to consider calling the folks from Hoarders for me, but there was clearly some... clutter.  Still, I feel like I can host friends over, which is good
  • Social:  Joining the IGMC was one of the best things I've ever decided.  They're a fun bunch, I finally have an outlet for my music, and increasing one's social circles (theoretically) increases the odds of actually meeting someone to date.  Which is still clearly a work in progress. =P  Still, shifting the routine once in a while is a good thing.
  • Money:  Sadly, this is what is causing my world to stop tilting on its axis, not go 'round...  Every time I make some headway into resolving debt or so on, something happens to knock me back two steps (in particular, the money pit that is my car.  I've seriously contemplated taking the damn thing off the road)  Thankfully, overtime at the bank has meant I haven't needed to get a 2nd job, but it still may come down to it -- bankruptcy is on the radar, but not a seriously considered option at this time.
  • Wii:  The console is making a resurgance, as folks around here are finally starting to get one (or even two, in one unfortunate holiday miscommunication).  My wii code is 3008 9283 7267 0334 -- feel free to add me on.  Oh, for those with Mario Kart, my license is 2191-8747-2350.  The computer cheats, so send me some ghosts to race!  =)
That's enough for now...  I need to decide if I want to walk to the bank or do some work on the treadmill....  exercise, new year, blahblahblah...
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