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JP review

Overall, a great weekend, and I think everyone had a great time... some high (and low) points, from my perspective...

Good: The general tent experience was not as bad for the back as I feared.

Bad: Smirnoff is still not my friend.

Ugly: Smirnoff REALLY didn't like me the next morning, either.

Good: finally being able to take part of a weekend like this

Bad: it didn't last long enough

Ugly: my brain not functioning well at work this

Good: pearlbearny, without whom a lot of this weekend would not have worked out well for me

Bad: the morning spat on the porch, regardless of who was in the wrong

Ugly: the fact that I still struggle with self-image issues, even in an environment like that.

Good: the fact that I was able to overcome them a bit, and at least exchange digits with someone. :-P

So, overall, good. Pics to follow at some point ...
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